Canadian Accountants in Public Practice Ltd.

Canapp Ltd.

2015-2016 Canapp Membership

2016-2017 Canapp Membership

Canmapp Ltd has a fiscal year starting in July and ending June of the following year. This aligns with the insurance providers timetable for renewals and supports the requirement that membership in Canapp is completed before insurance policies are issued.

Effective June 1, 2017 Membership Dues will be $245.00 per year. Invoices will be sent via email (regular mail if necessary) in conjunction with Errors and Omissions insurance renewals.

Please mail your cheque to the address below. Once payment is received we will confirm the same to the insurer who them process Errors and Omission Insurance applications accordingly.

CanMapp Inc.
PO Box 212
Simcoe ON N3Y 4L1


Next Steps

CanAPP was incorporated March 30, 2015 and is carrying on business in the same manner as Canadian Management Accountants in Public Practice Inc. with new bylaws and mandate.

As the result of several executive distractions, conflicts, and other issues CanMapp failed to comply with the legislation since 2009.

Regardless our relationship with the Errors and Omissions insurer remained in tact and continues today.